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Google Chat

Do you want to stay informed of the latest DutyCalls updates directly in Google Chat? Make use of the ready-made Google Chat integration.

Initial Configuration

To begin the configuration and eventually make use of the Google Chat integration, you will need to add the DutyCalls bot to your desired Google Chat space.

  1. In Google Chat, navigate to your desired space and click on the options button. After that, select Add people & bots from the menu.

    image - Select Google Chat space - Step 1

  2. A new dialog will appear. Now search for the DutyCalls bot and add it to your space.

    image - Search for DutyCalls bot - Step 2

  3. After adding the bot, enter the "command": "@DutyCalls token", to retrieve your unique access token.

    image - Add DutyCalls bot to space - Step 3

  4. Then copy the Token. (You will need this later)

    image - Retrieve token - Step 4

Now you are able to start adding the Google Chat integration to your DutyCalls channels.

Add the Google Chat integration to a channel

Now that the DutyCalls bot has been configured on a Google Chat space, something else needs to be done before messages (event updates) are posted to Google Chat and that is adding a channel integration within DutyCalls.

  1. Navigate to Channels > Click on the Settings button of your desired channel > Select the Integrations tab > Click on the Add integration button to add a new integration.

  2. Select Google Chat from the dropdown list. Enter a friendly Name for the integration. This could be anything, as long as it clarifies what integration is involved. After that, enter the Token you copied earlier. Lastly, select the events from which you want to receive updates for.

    image - Add Google Chat channel integration - Step 5

The configuration has now been completed. Event updates related to the configured DutyCalls channel will be posted in the configured Google Chat space.