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Generic webhook

Do you have another application that you would like to integrate with DutyCalls? Add a Generic Webhook!

Add the Generic Webhook to a channel

The only requirement for this form of integration is that you have a valid webhook URL to which DutyCalls can post event updates.

  1. Navigate to Channels > Click on the Settings button of your desired channel > Select the Integrations tab > Click on the Add integration button to add a new integration.

  2. Select Generic Webhook from the dropdown list. Enter a friendly Name for the integration. This could be anything, as long as it clarifies what integration is involved. After that, enter the webhook URL. Lastly, select the events from which you want to receive updates for.

    image - Add Generic Webhook - Step 2

  3. DutyCalls event updates will be send using a HTTP POST request, with as body a JSON object with the following format:

    "title": "Title of the event message",
    "text": "A message describing the event.",
    "url": "A HTTPS URL that points towards the relevent page in the application."

The configuration has now been completed. Event updates related to the configured DutyCalls channel will be posted to the configured application.