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What are schedules?

Schedules in the context of ignore rules are rules that determine when tickets received should be ignored. There are two types of schedules. These are repeat and fixed schedules. With repeat schedules it is possible to determine which days and times of the week, tickets should be ignored. Fixed schedules have a fixed start and end time.

How to add a schedule?

Adding a schedule is very simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Channels > Click the Settings button of your desired channel > Select the Ignore tab > Click on the Expand on the right side of the Schedules section.

    image - Add Ignore Schedule - Step 1

  2. Configure the desired schedulel type. For this example we have chosen a repeat schedule.

    image - Add Ignore Schedule - Step 2

  3. Click on the Add schedule button to add the relevant schedule. The added schedule is immediately active.

    image - Ignore Ignore Schedule - Step 3