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Step 1 - Create a workspace

The first step is to create a workspace.

What is a workspace?

A workspace is a place where everything is done. As a user you have to be a member of a workspace to make use of the functionalities of DutyCalls. A workspace often represents a company or department. There are two ways of joining a workspace. You can get invited to one and you can create one yourself.


How can I create a workspace? That is very simple. Just sign in to DutyCalls and select the Create workspace button.

image - Create a workspace - Step 1

Now enter a unique name for your workspace, click on the Create button and voila. Your workspace has been created.

image - Create a workspace - Step 2

Then select the correct time zone for the workspace. A default is automatically selected based on the local environment.

image - Create a workspace - Step 3

Finally, configure an icon for the workspace to personalize it. This step is optional.

image - Create a workspace - Step 4