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Step 2 - Add a service

After you have signed in to your workspace, you have to add a service.

What is a service?

A service is the actual source from which you receive tickets. It is probably the system that you want to connect to DutyCalls. You do not actually have to connect your system to DutyCalls, as it uses a REST API. But you must indicate what you are going to post. Tickets can be posted in any format and DutyCalls needs to now how it should interpret these tickets. So a service is actually a mapping between DutyCalls and another system.


To add a service you have to go to the Services page, click here on the Add service + button.

image - Add a service - Step 1

Here you will be asked for a name and optionally for a REST API and email configuration. This depends on whether you want to post tickets with a custom format or not and if you are going to make use of a service template.

image - Add a service - Step 2

Next, the question is asked whether you want to use a service template. See here what the benefits of service templates are. For the sake of the tutorial, we have chosen not to use it.

image - Add a service - Step 3

In the REST API configuration you will be asked for a sample of a ticket. A sample is just an example of a ticket/message (must be valid JSON) from the system that you want to connect to DutyCalls. After pasting it, you can map all or your keys / values to the corresponding properties of a ticket within DutyCalls. As a result, DutyCalls knows how to use and display your ticket. When defining a custom format, it is not mandatory to override all properties of a ticket. It may of course be possible that, for example, you do not have to show a link in a ticket or no severity is included in a ticket. There are, however, two mandatory properties. These are: title and body.

image - Add a service - Step 4

The next optional step is to configure email for this service. The values to be entered here are valid email addresses from where emails may be sent to DutyCalls and the rules to be assigned to determine the severity and tags to be applied to an email sent to DutyCalls.

image - Add a service - Step 5

Lastly, click on the Add button and the service will be added to your workspace.

Service templates

DutyCalls also has support for so-called predefined service templates. These templates are in fact service configurations of significant software solutions that are often reused. The advantages of using these templates are ease of use and avoiding errors that can occur when manually configuring a service.