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Step 3 - Add a channel

The next logical step is to add a channel.

What is a channel?

A channel can be seen as a path a ticket follows after being sent. All of the tickets from all of the services that provide the same channel will gather here. When posting a ticket to DutyCalls, it is mandatory to provide the name of at least one channel. Users will be able to subscribe to these channels, which ensures that they will receive these tickets.


To add a channel. Go to the Channels page and click on the Add channel + button.

image - Add a channel - Step 1

You will have to fill in the following information:

  • Name: The name of the new channel.
  • Manager: A manager is ultimately responsible person within a channel and will, among other things, receive warnings when something is wrong within a channel. Every user within a workspace can be designated as a manager of a channel.
  • Service: By selecting the service, the channel knows from which service it must receive tickets.
  • Minimum subscribers: A minimum number of subscribers have to be defined. If this minimum is not reached, a warning will be raised.

Now click on the Add button and the new channel will be added to your workspace.

image - Add a channel - Step 2