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Expectation rules

What are expectation rules?

Expectation rules ensure that when a certain ticket is not received that is expected, an alert will be raised. These rules define which characteristics a ticket must have, at what time it is expected and how often the check must be performed.

How to add an expectation rule?

Adding an expectation rule is very simple! Just follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to Channels > Click the Settings button of your desired channel > Select the Expectations tab > Click on the + Add rule button to add a new expecation rule.

    image - Add Expectation Rule - Step 1

  2. Fill in the form. First of all, you define the characteristics of the ticket you expect. For example, you might expect a ticket with a body that starts with "I am fine". Then you indicate how often this check should be performed. Finally, enter the time you expect the ticket with an associated deviation. Click on the Add button to add the rule.

    image - Add Expectation Rule - Step 2

  3. Click on the Save button, when you are done adding expectation rules, to save them to DutyCalls. The expectation rules are now active.

    image - Add Expectation Rule - Step 3